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What is Progressive Overload?

If building strength and gaining muscle are your goals, this one concept stands as the cornerstone of progress: progressive overload. But what is it and how can we ensure our programming is as effective as possible? Head of Coaching Matt Duncan is on hand to explain all.

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4 Reasons To Try Reformer Pilates

There’s a reason why Reformer Pilates has taken the wellness world by storm! Discover why in our latest blog: 4 Reasons to Try Reformer Pilates

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Who was Crowned One Playground’s Club of the Year?

Behind the scenes at one playground, your favourite coaches and trainers have been enjoying the final days of the year, fueled by some healthy competition.

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Strength Training – Keeping it Simple.

Matt is a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach, originally from a small country town in western NSW. Health and fitness have always been his passions. So much so that he decided at age 16 that he wanted to be a PT. He reached that goal 10 years ago, in which time he’s enjoyed helping others reach their goals.

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Teaching the Power of Movement 

Meet Mica, an experienced teacher and coach who helps people move better. Click the link below to learn about Mica's training philosophy and her efforts to dispel fitness myths.

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A Journey from FP to One Playground

It’s been seven months since Fitness Playground became One Playground. We share how we became One Playground, why we did it, how it is going, and whether it was worth it?

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How to Set Goals with One Playground CEO, Justin Ashley

One Playground Co-Founder and CEO Justin Ashley just took the title of Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Here the successful professional outlines his exact goal-setting process. It’s a process that will work for you too, no matter what you do or where you want to go.

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“Day of Wellness” Sessions for World Health Day

On World Health Day, 7th April, Fitness Playground’s Wellness Playground will be delivering “A Day of Wellness” – a range of free online health and wellbeing sessions available to the public throughout the day. These bite-sized 20-minute sessions will cover a range of wellness topics, from mental wellbeing, to nutrition, energy, relaxation techniques and bite-sized pilates and yoga sessions to break up your day.

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Move with Mum

Treat Mum to pilates & prosecco at our luxe Wellness Playground in the lead up to Mother’s Day. Open to everyone – both members & non-members of Fitness Playground. ‍Date: Saturday 7th May (day before Mother’s Day) Time: 1:30pm–3:00pm Who can come: Anyone aged 16+ (Both members & non-members are welcome; all fitness levels) Cost: $10 per person donation to PANDA, a charity that supports those dealing with Perinatal Anxiety & Depression

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8 Years of Fitness Playground: Fitness Then, Now & What’s Next

It’s 8 years today since the first Fitness Playground opened, in Surry Hills. A lot has changed – for FP and the wider fitness landscape – since then. And what’s coming next is even more exciting. Fitness Playground’s CEO & Co-Founder Justin Ashley has recently returned from the world’s biggest fitness show, FIBO, in Germany. He got a good picture of what the near-future of fitness holds, and it’s looking bright.  He takes a quick trip down the memory lane of fitness before giving a sneak peek of what’s to come.

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What’s So Good About this Sydney Gym Company, Named International “Boutique of the Year”?

Fitness Playground started as a small bootcamp. In 2014, the bootcamp was moved indoors to get members out of the rain. That became the first Fitness Playground gym, in Surry Hills. Fast-forward eight years and there are four gyms in Sydney. The company’s co-founders, Justin Ashley and Serra Burmin, have been named Australian Young Entrepreneurs of the Year; while the gym company has been voted international fitness and wellness ‘Boutique of the Year’, at the FIT Summit in Singapore this month. So what’s so special about these gyms?

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Transforming Fitness Industry Education

The rise of online learning means convenience is prioritised over quality. Online courses fail to focus on the fact that personal training is a people-centric role that’s all about human connection. It's near impossible to learn a face-to-face profession via a screen.

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7 Years of Fitness Playground

I've been in the fitness industry since I was 18 years old. I was originally a school teacher, a PE teacher, and prior to that I was a semi-professional soccer player, I then ended up working my way up to managing a Fitness First club. I thought, you know what, I want to try and do this myself.

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The ‘Wellness Playground’ revolutionising the fitness industry

To position fitness services at the frontline of preventative healthcare, award-winning Australian gym company Fitness Playground has reinvented one of their Sydney facilities to create a new breed of gym. Their very first “Wellness Playground” will be situated in the inner west suburb of Marrickville. The Wellness Playground is a state-of-the-art oasis of new studios, hangout spaces, equipment and classes paired with bespoke experiences, which are all uniquely designed to enrich members’ mental wellness as well as physical health.

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Deload Week: What Is It? How Do I Do It? When Do I Do It?

Deloading gives your body a break without losing gains. Learn why, when and how to deload based on your training intensity.

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Flexibility – Friend Or Foe? How To Improve Your Flexibility In 4 Easy Steps

Use these 4 tips to start your flexibility journey and enhance your recovery time, muscle stamina and mobility on the way.

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How To Get A Wider Chest: 3 Steps To Add To Your ‘Chest Day’

Learn how to target all sections of your pectorals when doing chest exercises to grow a wide and defined chest.

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Sleeping Shouldn’t Be Stressful! 5 Tips To Improve Your Sleep

Most of us can’t get a full 8 hours of sleep. Use these 5 tips to get better, deeper, and longer sleeps.

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How To Un-fu*k Yourself: 3 Lifestyle Principles To Get Healthy

It’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of unhealthy habits. Use these 3 principles to create healthy habits and a sustainable lifestyle.

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How To Count Calories For Your Body Type

Understanding your calorie intake is the key to losing, gaining or maintaining weight. Learn how to calculate and track your calories.

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Five Reasons Men Should Do Pilates

Pilates targets stabilising muscles that support and hold your body upright. So, if you want a heavier and deeper squat, do your clams!

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The Biscuit Theory: Learn To Eat Smarter

Sticking to an unrealistic diet is never going to be sustainable. Take the Biscuit Theory and apply to your everyday meals.

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The Link Between Bodybuilding And Calisthenics

Assisted and eccentric chin-ups will only get you so far. Strength training should be the first step in your calisthenics journey.

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4 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started Training

Don't waste your time at the start of your journey, learn from my mistakes. Use these 4 tips skip a step and get to your goals faster!

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6 Horror Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes When Trying To Lose Weight

Weight loss is like saving. Set an overall goal and break it down into little wins. Seems simple, but it's easy to get wrong!

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Understanding Mobility & Flexibility And Which One Is Right For You

Flexibility and Mobility are two very different things. Find out the differences and why you should be prioritising one over the other.

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6 Steps To Creating A Healthy Lifestyle

Going to the gym twice a week and dieting fortnightly isn't enough. The first step to being healthy is creating long term habits.

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Drinking Smarter: How Alcohol Affects Fat Loss

Alcohol has more of an effect on your body than you may think. Learn how to drink to keep fat gain low while still having a good time.

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The Science and Execution of a Good Warm-Up

Warming up is often misunderstood and under-appreciated. Learn why warming up is so important and how to warm-up properly.

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How to Create and Sustain Healthy Habits According to a Behavioural Scientist

Don't sign up for another 30-day challenge. Learn how to change your habits & make them stick with the help of a behavioural scientist

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4 Big Sleep Spoilers and How to Beat Them

Sleep is a hugely underrated contributor to your overall health, including the results you gain from your efforts at the gym.

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Men are More Likely to Be Chronically Stressed – Here’s How to Overcome That

Men are more likely to experience chronic stress – Fitness Playground's Head of Coaching fills us in on how to overcome this.

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A Useful Technique to Feel Less Stressed Today (without Meditation or Scented Candles)

Fitness Playground’s Head of Coaching Matt Duncan shares some simple steps to reduce your stress reaction