are you the one?

4 reasons to work with us

Great Humans

It doesn’t matter to us if you have 10 years experience, or only 10 days. What matters is that you align with our culture and you’re an incredible human. We will empower you to be the best you can be.


We have a career pathway that clearly maps out how you can increase your skill, your responsibility and your pay. We’ve even gone to the extent of building an education company (FP Academy).

Staff Retention & Satisfaction

We provide our staff with one-to-one mentoring, exposure to referral networks, over 200 hours of free in-house education each year & more. From this, we have industry leading staff retention at 93% and world-class staff satisfaction at 81%.

Award-Winning Environment

By creating a culture and system where you get the development you need to thrive, we’ve made it onto the ‘AFR BOSS’ Best Places to Work List (2021), we’ve won Best Places to Work awards (2021 & 2020) and we’ve been named an Employer of Choice (2021, 2020, 2019).

Do what you love

We’re open to everyone. Whatever your background, or whatever value you can add, we can find you a home.

Personal trainers

We want to build technicians who understand the proper execution and reasoning behind their exercise selection and programming. But what we want most for you is to build a sustainable business with a consistent income.

Group fitness instructors

We pride ourselves on our class programming, quality of service and unique offerings. At One Playground, we empower our Group Fitness Instructors to pitch, create and deliver new programs, to create unparalleled class experiences.

Membership team

We are nothing without our on-ground staff. Our membership teams are responsible for being the leaders in their respective clubs, delivering an exceptional (and consistent) level of service, and cultivating an environment that inspires change.


As thought leaders in education, we spend most of our time and resources on investing back into our people. Our management roles span across multiple areas of the One Playground business, including Coaching, Finance & Human Resources.


Please note: You only need to submit your application. Once submitted, qualified candidates will be contacted.