The Latest in Wellness: Meet Reformer FLEX and JUMPBOARD

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For the first time at One Playground, get ready for Reformer Pilates classes designed to target specific areas of your body!


Alongside the launch of our third Reformer Pilates studio opening in Newtown this month, we’re evolving our Reformer offering to bring you Flex, focusing on your upper body, and Jumpboard, working the lower body.


Reformer Pilates is taking Australia by storm and we’re here to help you make the most out of your training sessions, sculpting, strengthening and defining your arms and legs, as well as improving your cardiovascular fitness.


Flex: Upper Body Burn

Welcome to Flex, where we target and tone your upper boy and core like never before. Think arms in straps, woodchoppers and draw a sword.


The aim here is to enhance strength, flexibility and mobility, but focusing specifically on your upper body.


Sculp and define your shoulders, chest and back with a series of dynamic reformer exercises enhanced by light weights and a Thera band.


Through resistance training and functional movement patterns, build strength, improve posture and enhance your overall body awareness:


  • Who is Flex for? This class format is suited to all levels of fitness!
  • Length of class: 45 minutes
  • Locations: Newtown, Marrickville, Surry Hills

Jumpboard: Lower Body Blast

Looking to tone your lower body? The Jump Board is your new best friend.


What is a jump board? It’s an additional piece of equipment added to the base of the bed, providing a surface you can ‘jump’ on, opening up a world of plyometric exercises to target the lower body.


Working in the horizontal plane, this is a fun, efficient and low-impact way of stimulating your legs and glutes without adding too much load through the joints.


Our cardio components throughout the session add an extra dimension to the workout, helping to increase your heart rate, tone the lower body and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness.


  • Who is Flex for? This class is open to all levels of fitness but is not not suitable for pre/post-natal
  • Length of Class: 45 minutes
  • Locations: Newtown, Marrickville, Surry Hills


Ready to try Reformer Pilates at One Playground for yourself? 

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