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Aly is a Pilates and Yoga Instructor and trained dancer, known for her warmth, encouragement and positivity. Aly fell in love with movement when she started ballet at age 2. After years working internationally as a choreographer, Aly came to Sydney to deepen her knowledge of the Pilates Method and Vinyasa Yoga, and has been instructing since 2017


Jaclyn believes that Pilates can be life-changing, and the most beneficial gift you can give your body. She has a distinctive style and loves to offer creative variations on traditional Pilates exercises. In her classes she endeavours to encourage and energise clients to push themselves to reach their fitness goals. She loves that anyone – young, old injured, triathlete, pre-natal & post-natal – can enjoy long-term benefits from Pilates.


Brooke is a professional dancer originally from the Gold Coast. Her life has always revolved around health and fitness. In between dancing in movies, music videos and corporate events, you will find her in the gym surrounded by like-minded people. Brooke brings an enjoyable and fun atmosphere to all her classes and loves her job because it inspires people to feel good about themselves.

3 reasons you’ll love our Reformer Pilates classes

An Ace Workout

Reformer Pilates comes with hardcore benefits – to start with, it’ll give you a hard core! Plus, it’s great for improving your muscle tone, posture and performance in other types of training. Being low-impact, it suits all ages and even people with injuries.

Levels For All
We offer levels for beginners to advanced, with 4 different class types: Foundations (for newbies), Signature (open to all through modifications), HIIT (with high-intensity intervals) and Strong (more advanced progressions and heavier weights).
Small Groups

We run small-group, boutique-style classes in a super pretty studio, without the hefty price tag you’d pay to go to a boutique reformer studio. Get access to Reformer and about 40 other class types across all OP clubs through the one Play membership.


Where do you offer Reformer classes?

We have two Reformer Pilates studios, one at Marrickville One Playground, on our ground floor “Wellness Playground”. Our other one is at Cooper Street in Surry Hills. All members of all One Playground clubs and The Bunker can access Reformer and other classes at the Wellness Playground!

Is the cost of Reformer classes covered in my membership fee?

Yes, Reformer, like all classes, is included in your Play membership! That’s one of the great things about a One Playground membership – you could pay to join a reformer studio and just do reformer; or you could get a One Playground membership and enjoy endless experiences. We run more than 40 different types of classes across all of our clubs, and you can access them all thanks to our multi-club access.

Are there limits on how many reformer classes you can book p/wk?

Yes. We want all our members to have the ability to access our Reformer classes. And because they’re small-group classes, to make it fair for all, bookings are limited to 3 classes per week for each member. Remember, we’ve also got a range of mat pilates classes – and dozens of other class types – that members can access.

Do I have to have experience with reformer or normal pilates to keep up?

Not at all! We have a Reformer Foundations class to teach beginners and those who want to build confidence on the reformer bed before progressing. We recommend that beginners do at least 2 Foundations classes before moving up to Reformer Signature, and then 2 Signature classes before you advance to Reformer HIIT or Strong.

Do I have to bring anything?

Make sure you bring your own towel and a water bottle. We have a no towel, no gym policy. We have all equipment, including sanitiser and wipes, ready to go for you! Note that we have COVID-safe cleaning and hygiene policies in place to protect our members.


We have classes in categories to suit every goal – whether you want to get stronger, lose weight, increase your cardio fitness or learn new skills.

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