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Unique Spaces

Reinvesting into our facilities has become an obsession for us. Our goal is to build the best gyms, not the most gyms. No two Playgrounds will ever look the same.

location hire

Everyone from major brands and celebrities to local businesses and influencers have used our spaces to enhance their brands. Interested?

our experts

We have over 250 experts that are able to produce industry-leading content on a variety of health and fitness topics.

We can help support or lead media activities with the right expert to provide:

  • Thought leadership
  • Commentary
  • Content creation

As a business, our people come first and we’ve been recognised for it. We are the only fitness company to be awarded:

featured experts

unique experiences

Our job is to take people out of the mindset that there’s no fun in working out, and create a space for people to work out in that’s different from a traditional gym.


Remember when you were a kid a wanted to join the circus? But then life happened and you became a boring adult. Yeah, we do too. Our CircusFit™ experience teaches you trapeze tricks while developing your strength, cardio and coordination skills.

Lift Your Mood

A workout series specifically designed to release those endorphins and Lift Your Mood. 80s music, spirit fingers and lycra because fitness doesn’t have to be that serious…

Athletica Fit™

A One Playground classic. Athletica Fit™ has been around since One Playground was just a bootcamp. Over the years it’s become catered to pushing our fittest members to their limits.

events & partnerships

Today Show

Our Lift Your Mood series was launched during lockdown to address the rise of Australians suffering with mental health. Tim Davies and the TODAY Show helped us spread the word and raise funds for The Black Dog Institute.

Optus Sport

We teamed up with Optus Sport to give the world Virtual Playground. Over 825k people across Australia stream our online fitness videos via their Optus Sport app.

If you are looking for unique spaces to hire, expert content or brand collaboration, contact us!