Teaching the Power of Movement 

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Empowering Transformation

Teaching the Power of Movement 

Meet Mica, a passionate teacher and personal trainer who has been helping people move better in Sydney for the past eight years. With a deep-rooted love for educating and inspiring others, Mica specialises in strength training for women, pre and post-natal fitness and injury rehabilitation.  

How is strength training different for women?

It’s not necessarily about what you’re doing but who you’re doing it with. Coaches can fall into the trap of programming exercises without explaining to a client why they’re doing them. Mica strives to take the unknown out of training and empower her clients with knowledge surrounding exercise selection, execution and progression. The gym can be intimidating, but Mica strives to create a non-judgmental environment where clients can discover their capabilities and embrace the joy of physical activity.

A myth worth busting

“No pain, no gain”. A narrative that Mica feels holds too much weight in the fitness industry. Mica believes exercise should be enjoyable. It is about trying to transform people’s minds as much as their bodies and letting them know there is a way to enjoy exercising, and it doesn’t have to be perfect! Any type of physical activity is better than none. Sometimes exercise can be painful when you’re pushing yourself to your limit.

A Focus on Empowerment and Mindset Shift

Mica’s focus on empowering women to embrace strength training has led to remarkable transformations. Mica has seen her clients shift from purely aesthetic-based goals and watched them discover that building strength and mastering new skills provides another level of fulfilment.

The Future of Fitness: A Vision for Change

“I want to see more people exercising, getting stronger and healthier and viewing physical activity as a journey to live a better life”. “I want to see more women taking up space in the gym!

Embracing the Journey: Encouragement from Mica

With Mica or any One Playground Coach as your guide, our members can look forward to a fitness journey that goes beyond physical gains and cultivates a deeper sense of empowerment and well-being.

Mica’s passion for education and her commitment to transforming mindsets within the fitness industry make her personal training style an inspiring force in Sydney. By encouraging clients to embrace the joy of movement and to value their progress in terms of happiness and strength, Mica pushes the boundaries of traditional training approaches. As we look to the future of the fitness industry, Mica’s vision of a more empowered and inclusive space holds the promise of a healthier and more fulfilling world for all.

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