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If you don’t know about Reformer Pilates yet, get to know! There’s a reason why Reformer Pilates has taken the fitness and wellness world by storm, with Australia taking the lead for the biggest reformer fans worldwide. But what is it about moving around on a springboard bed with a system of springs, ropes, pulleys and a carriage that makes it such a popular (and underestimated) way of exercising? Claudia Howard, the One Playground Head of Wellness, is on hand to explain why you should try reformer pilates.


What is Reformer Pilates?

Don’t let a little spring fool you, these machines are tough! They can take the movements seen in mat Pilates to another level. With high rep ranges, the burn is very real!


But don’t let it put you off either. The beauty of Reformer is you’re in charge of your resistance and a quick rearrangement of the springs can allow you to find that perfect intensity.


Another big plus for the bed is that it can also make Pilates exercises easier, particularly if you’re recovering from an injury, by providing support through resistance and reducing weight bearing on the body.


Hit a reformer workout and you’ll improve stabilisation, strength, flexibility, balance and alignment, making this a great way to feel good both inside and out!

4 Reasons to Try Reformer Pilates

1. Full body engagement

“The Reformer stands out as an exceptional tool for achieving a comprehensive whole-body workout, thanks to its innovative design and remarkable adaptability,” explains Claudia. 


There are all kinds of exercises that you can do with a reformer machine, together providing a well-rounded workout that targets all areas of the body, upper, lower and core simultaneously.


“The Reformer’s emphasis on controlled movements and proper alignment fosters heightened body awareness and improved posture,” she adds, “reducing the risk of injury and enhancing functional movement patterns”.


Including unilateral movements in your training routine, something reformer training does a lot of, is vital to avoid uneven weaknesses and ensure no part of the body is overcompensating for another.


2. Low impact meets high intensity

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just prefer a lower-impact workout, Reformer is for you.


“Generally, Reformer Pilates is considered a low-impact exercise option due to its gentle, controlled movements and the support provided by the equipment (weights, bands, Pilates rings),” Claudia explains.


Working in the horizontal plane, aka lying on the bed, reduces the load on the body and joints, meaning you can still target your muscles and create a high-intensity workout without undue stress through weight bearing.


That’s not to say you can’t achieve a high-intensity workout on the reformer bed as Claudia adds: “Certain class formats, such as HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) options, may incorporate higher-impact exercises or cardio intervals, which can elevate the overall intensity and impact level of the workout but may include some jumping or faster movement which can all be modified. While reformer Pilates is typically low-impact, it’s important to consider the specific class format you’re booking into and the intensity when assessing its impact on the body and your specific needs, especially if recovering from injury or pre/ postnatal”.


3. Build your strength

Reformer springs can be strong! The right combination of resistance and you’ll target both the larger muscles and smaller ones that are often found deeper in the body and are vital for building a strong foundation. That’s why it can often come as a shock for the regular gym-goer who can lift heavy weights but will be well and truly humbled by the reformed bed as they target muscles that usually don’t get any attention. The reformer shakes are real!


“Its adjustable resistance levels cater to individuals of varying fitness levels, facilitating progressive overload and ongoing advancement. With its ability to deliver a full-body workout in a low-impact and customisable manner, the Reformer emerges as a highly effective and sought-after choice for attaining overall fitness and wellness goals”.


4. Say hello to better posture & alignment

If you’ve been on a reformer bed before, you’ll know that whether the movement is directly targeting the core or not, an engaged midsection is vital to stop the bed from moving around and throwing you off!


“Reformer workouts strengthen core muscles such as the abdominals and lower back, essential for stabilising the spine and pelvis, thereby promoting optimal alignment,” explains Claudia. 


“The controlled movements inherent in Reformer workouts facilitate spinal mobilisation, reducing stiffness and increasing flexibility to improve vertebral alignment. By addressing muscle imbalances and engaging both primary muscles and their opposing counterparts, Reformer Pilates effectively mitigates postural deviations”.


Those looking to loosen, lengthen and improve flexibility are also in luck! Claudia explains how dynamic stretching is always a feature included in sessions. “It is a consistent component across all formats, targeting tight muscles, promoting lengthening, and relieving tension to further support joint alignment. Anyone consistently engaging in Reformer Pilates can experience tangible enhancements in posture and alignment, leading to improved overall well-being and functional movement”.



Who is Reformer Pilates for?

“Whether you’re a beginner looking to ease into exercise, a seasoned fitness enthusiast seeking a new challenge, or someone recovering from an injury, the Reformer provides a supportive environment for all (plus its loads of fun!)” says Claudia.


“Reformer is mostly a low-impact workout and its customisable resistance makes it particularly beneficial for rehabilitation purposes, allowing individuals to safely strengthen muscles and improve mobility.”


“Athletes also find value in Reformer Pilates, as it targets stabilising muscles, enhances flexibility, and aids in injury prevention, ultimately contributing to improved performance for the gym go-ers. Additionally, older adults benefit from the Reformer’s gentle yet effective approach (our Signature and Foundations style formats), which focuses on enhancing balance, flexibility, and strength to support overall health and mobility.” 


Reformer Pilates is a versatile and inclusive exercise option suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, offering a pathway to improved strength, flexibility, posture, and overall well-being.


For best results, pair your reformer classes with some heavier resistance training and a sprinkling of cardio for a well-rounded fitness routine that leaves you feeling strong and full of energy. Why resistance training? Coach Matt delves into weights are should be a key part of your weekly workouts here.


Want to try reformer at One Playground? Book a tour here and start your journey today.

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