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Our Personal Trainers are different for two reasons. 1) They know their sh*t, and 2) They give a sh*t.

Our Personal Trainers are different for two reasons.
1) They know their sh*t, and 2) They give a sh*t.

10x More likely to get results than training solo

That’s thanks to the system we have underpinning our coaching.

Our Coaching System

What’s your goal?

Are you keen to get stronger and tone up, lose weight, recover from an injury, improve your nutrition, transform your mindset and motivation, or need help figuring out where to start?

Weight Loss

A journey to weight loss can seem long, overwhelming & unattainable. But it doesn’t need to be. The most important thing to tackle first is your mindset, if you’re looking to lose weight, it’s about consistency and being realistic with your approach.

Injury Prevention

Coming back to training after an injury or setback is both mentally & physically hard. But it is possible to recover and become determined again. Regardless of when you last trained, or how significant the setback was, there is no rush for an outcome.

Strength & Toning

We have bodybuilding coaches, but strength training isn’t just lifting heavy, curling dumbbells or squatting low. Our Coaches will guide you through different methods (like mobility, calisthenics, isometrics and cardio), as well as emphasise the importance of correct technique.

Improving Performance

No matter your fitness level, whether you’re only starting, you’ve returned after a hiatus, or you’re deemed an elite athlete, everyone is still working towards a common goal of improving their own physical performance.

Meet our World-Class Coaches

Experience the difference of working with a One Playground Coach. With extensive training & education, highly-specialised niches and unique personalities, male and female personal trainers, you can find the right fit for you.


Fight Coach


Strength, Toning and Fat Loss


Strength & Hypertrophy


Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Personal training FAQs

Why am I 10 times more likely to get results with a Personal Trainer than alone?

You get the most reward for your effort. When you’re working alone and finding that you’re not progressing, it’s usually because you’re spending time on trial and error. Whereas your Personal Trainer has the expertise to take you through a program they know will address your problems and meet your goals. Then there’s the fact that, when you’re training solo, you need to make decisions about what to do, when to do it, how hard to work and how to track your progress. Outsourcing all that means you can put all your effort into just showing up. Having a Personal Trainer also gives you accountability, structure, mentorship, the drive to work harder (because someone’s looking over your shoulder), and it’s more fun than training alone. All of that adds up to better results.

What is Personal Training? What does it involve?

After assessing your goals, lifestyle, personality and movement, your Personal Trainer will create a customised program, outlining sessions for you to do with them, and on your own, each week. Your program will be updated as you progress. Your Coach will lead you through a 40-minute training session, showing you how to perform exercises, helping you improve your form to avoid injury and get better results out of each exercise. If you also want support and tracking for your nutrition, your trainer can provide that too.

How do I follow my program during my solo sessions?

Your program will be accessible via One Playground’s Trainerize app. The program will cover all the exercises you need to work your way through, in which order, for how long (or for how many sets and reps), and with what volume of weight. On the app there are videos with each exercise, showing you how to perform it.

How do I get matched with the right Personal Trainer for me?

During your onboarding with your membership consultant, fill them in on your needs and goals. They work closely with all our Coaches and are trained in how to match you with the most suitable Coach, based on their skillsets and personality.

What if I don’t like the Coach I’m assigned to?

It has to work on both ends. Let the membership consultant you signed up with know that you don’t think it’s the right fit for you, and they will handle it. Our coaches understand that not everyone is going to see them as the right match.

Can I try Personal Training before deciding to do it ongoing?

Of course. We offer a “Blueprint” to ensure you succeed in the gym. For just $49, you get 2 x Personal Training sessions, a Movement Assessment, exercise recommendations and the “Playbook”, a gym journal to help you define your goals, support you in the gym and track your progress.

Where do I do the sessions?

You will be matched with a Personal Trainer at One Playground and get full access to all equipment and spaces throughout the gym.

How will they create a program that’s right for me?

You complete a questionnaire, to fill your Coach in on things like your goals, preferences, exercise experience and medical history. The Coach will ask questions, conduct a Movement Assessment, then determine the right entry-level exercises for you, depending on where you’re at and where you want to be. They will tend to change up your program approximately every six weeks.

Do you have different Personal Trainers who specialise in different areas?

Yes. Diversity is important to us. While we educate our Coaches to ensure they all have certain skills, we don’t try to shape them based on a fixed mould. We encourage our Coaches to pursue learning and development in their own areas of interest.

Are your PTs qualified to give nutrition advice?

Yes. All our Coaches can provide nutrition advice, to support your training results. If you’re after specific or more extensive support with nutrition, we can assign you a Coach with more specific nutrition qualifications, or a Coach whose own dietary needs are in line with yours (e.g. vegan or celiac).

Do I have to have a specific goal to work towards?

Not at all. Some of our clients just want to get better everyday (fitter, stronger, lose fat). You might not start with a goal but might even develop some through the process of Personal Training.

Can I work towards a very specific goal?

Yes, for sure! Some clients do PT to master a chin-up, a handstand, or prepare for a half-marathon. We have a diverse range of Coaches with diverse skills, so we’ll be able to match you with someone who can help you reach any specific goal.

How fast will I see results?

The more regularly you train with your Coach, the faster you will see results. If you work hard and follow your program properly, you should start to notice results for yourself within about four weeks – you should have progressed enough so that the rest of the world will notice your results by about 12 weeks.

How will my results be measured?

On the One Playground Trainerize app. You and your Coach can track everything: your exercise progress, progress photos, your weight, circumference, body fat percentage, strength assessments, macronutrient nutritional detail and more. And it charts your data for comparisons over time.

Do I have to give up alcohol, hot chips, [insert favourite vice here?

No, you don’t have to become a health saint while doing Personal Training. Of course it depends on your goal, though. If you want to make significant progress fairly quickly, it can be worth a period of sacrifice. It’s not the food or drink type that’s a problem – it’s the excessive intake. Some people decide to cut back while they’re working to make progress, then bring things back when they reach a maintenance period.

Will they be mean to me?

Haha, our clients often find that their PT sessions are one of their favourite parts of the week. Training alone can be dull, but most of our Coaches love what they do so they’re happy to be in the gym and know how to make their sessions fun.

How will I know the Personal Trainer is well qualified?

One Playground’s reputation depends on the quality of our Coaches, so we only hire qualified Personal Trainers who we’ve run through the paces to ensure they’re excellent at what they do. We then put them through a thorough induction process, and ongoing education every year. We also have an education arm of the business, Fitness Playground Academy, so we hire a lot of the trainers we rigorously educate ourselves. It’s in our best interest to provide the highest quality education, because the Academy is one of the key ways we recruit our people.

I have pretty bad injuries – are your Coaches able to help me?

Yes. We have Coaches who specialise in injury rehabilitation and prevention of re-injury. We even have Coaches who’ve moved into that area of specialty to their own injuries they’ve experienced throughout life. They can build you a program – and work with you on proper form – no matter what type of injury you have.

Am I too old for Personal Training?

No one is too old for Personal Training at One Playground. We’re an inclusive environment, and keeping fit is one of the best tools for a long and happy life. One of our Coaches has five clients aged over 70 – one of them is 87 years old.

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