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Yoga Flow is traditional Vinyasa Flow Yoga with specialist teachers and a modern Playground twist. It is a strong and dynamic style which tones and energises the whole body. The meditative effect of the practice helps cultivate inner peace and calm.


Your strong Yoga workout. Yoga Strength is designed to build power at the same time as increase range of movement through areas such as the upper body, core and both posterior & anterior chains. The perfect Yoga class for an active recovery from your weights routine, or for strength athletes, to round out and balance your training regime.


Your calming yoga. A gentle eclectic style of Hatha yoga promoting balance and harmony physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga postures (asanas) and breath work (pranayama) are integrated to stretch, strengthen, open and release through the entire body.


Be guided through movements that are designed to strengthen & nurture your body. With a focus on alignment and technique, this class will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your practice.


YogaBeats is yoga reimagined. A progressive, fun, free-form yoga class. A party on your mat. Flow and glow while moving and grooving to banging tunes. Let your hair down, sweat, release and vibe.



A former professional dancer, Aly found Yoga after feeling burnt out mentally and physically. In 2016, Aly headed to Rishikesh, India, for her first yoga teacher training. For Aly, there was no going back, and this sparked a burning desire to deepen her practice and share the magic of movement and breath with others. She now calls Sydney and One Playground home.


Michael is a Certified Yoga & Barre Instructor with a background as a professional performer (think national tours like Mamma Mia & The Wizard of Oz). He has brought feel good classes to One Playground since 2016. Yoga makes him a better person in every aspect of his life.


Emma has worked as a yoga teacher for more than a decade. She embraces a dynamic Vinyasa yoga style, combining the strength of Ashtanga and the relaxation of Hatha.

3 reasons why a Yoga class could be good for you

Body Awareness

Improve body awareness & control, enhance your mental state, speed up metabolism and target muscle groups that often get overlooked.

Press Pause

The practice of Yoga has the ability to shift moods, increase mindfulness, improve sleep and open up a total mind:body connection.

Escape In A Charming Studio

Our Yoga classes are hosted in our very own MindBody studio, a space that represents escapism in its finest form.


What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient system of physical & mental practices that incorporates physical postures, breathing techniques & meditation/relaxation. The fundamental purpose of Yoga is to foster harmony in the body, mind & environment. A perfect outlet from your day to day. At One Playground, we have a number of classes that are open to all fitness & health levels, including expectant mothers and those who are undergoing rehabilitation.

What should I expect in a Yoga class?

When you arrive at your Yoga class, our instructors will be waiting to greet you. Their introduction will be focused on explaining the class format, what equipment you’ll be using (if any), and will ask if you are working with any injuries or restrictions. Class formats can be tailored to wherever you’re at in your fitness journey, no one is too new or too advanced. You’ll meet an array of instructors, all bringing a unique style to their Yoga classes. We do ask that you please arrive five minutes early to your class so your instructor can start on time.

What do I bring to my Yoga class?

We provide blocks, hand weights & mats in our studios. All that we ask is that you please bring a towel, water bottle (preferably not plastic as we’re not big on that) and a mat if you’d like to use your own. We’ll also provide the pretty studios and awesome line-up of instructors! We heavily enforce the towel policy (no towel, no play, no gym today).

What other facilities are available?

Along with our serene MindBody studio, you’ll have full access to our gym facilities. These include our boutique bathrooms that are fitted out with showers, lockers, hair dryers, hair straighteners & botanical soaps.

Can I bring someone?

Of course! When we reach out to book you in, don’t be afraid to tell us who you’d like to bring along to your first Yoga class.

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We have classes in categories to suit every goal – whether you want to get stronger, lose weight, increase your cardio fitness or learn new skills.

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