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Focusing on the lower body, this highly targeted class will get you lifting heavier and give you a gravity-defying tight butt. Anything from sled pushes, goblet squats, weighted lunges, team spirit & more. Time to get down.


Keep skipping leg day? Join ARM’AGEDDON. This upper body class will be a series of high volume bicep, tricep and shoulder hypertrophy exercises, designed to tear as many fibres as possible in your session.


A group-training session dedicated to increasing strength and improving body composition with weights.



If performance is your goal, Enif can get you there, having made it to the Crossfit Online Qualifiers 3x in a row, she currently holds the NSW Masters Olympic weightlifting record, as well as winning Gold in the Olympic Weightlifting Masters World Cup in 2023!


Jose is one of our original coaches who joined the founding crew at Surry Hills in 2014. His favourite kind of training is an old school lower body lifting session in a class environment with banging tunes, heavy weights and team spirit.


Emma aims to have people leaving the gym “trained not drained”, and wants you to feel like going to the gym is the best part of your day! Emma specialises in weight training, conditioning and CrossFit coming from her journey as a national water polo athlete.

3 reasons why a Strength class could be good for you

Feel Better

Strength training isn’t all about powerlifting and rippling muscles – it’s actually one of the best ways to trim fat, lose weight, tone, condition and improve cognitive function.

Learn Technique

Strength training looks completely different for everyone because it can be adapted and individualised for your body. We’ll teach you how to lift weights the right way, the first time.

Focus On Progression

Learn a series of skills that you can build upon week by week, and building strength. You’ll be exposed to movements that will challenge you and advance your progress.


What are Strength classes?

Strength classes involve the performance of physical exercises which are designed to improve strength & endurance. At One Playground, we provide an array of different formats & class types varying from 45 minutes to hour long workouts. Strength training is great for maintaining muscle tissue, increasing strength, improving bone health, controlling body fat & decreasing the risk of injury. Our instructors take pride in not only providing a solid workout, but ensuring that you are executing exercises with the correct technique.

What should I expect in class?

When you arrive at your Strength class, our instructors will be waiting to greet you. Their introduction will be focused on explaining the class format, what equipment you’ll be using, and will ask if you are working with any injuries or restrictions. Class formats can be tailored to wherever you’re at in your fitness journey, no one is too new or too advanced. You’ll meet an array of instructors, all bringing a unique style to their Strength classes. We do ask that you please arrive five minutes early to your class so your instructor can start on time.

What do I bring to my Strength class?

We provide the equipment, the instructors and a one-of-a-kind studio. All that we ask is that you please bring a towel, water bottle (preferably not plastic as we’re not big on that) and your energy! We heavily enforce the towel policy (no towel, no play, no gym today).

What other facilities are available?

Along with our Battleground studio fitted out with an epic sound system, you’ll have full access to our gym facilities. These include our boutique bathrooms that are fitted out with showers, lockers, hair dryers, hair straighteners & botanical soaps.

Can I bring someone?

Of course! When we reach out to book you in, don’t be afraid to tell us who you’d like to bring along to your first Strength class.

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We have classes in categories to suit every goal – whether you want to get stronger, lose weight, increase your cardio fitness or learn new skills.

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