Strength Training – Keeping it Simple.

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Strength Training – Keeping it Simple.

Meet Matt, a dedicated Level 3 fitness trainer coach and One Playground’s resident lifting nerd. With a passion for coaching compound movements and empowering clients through simplified techniques, Matt seeks to debunk myths and elevate the standard of coaching in the fitness industry.  

So what is Strength Training? 

Strength training is too often used as an umbrella term to describe anything that involves lifting weights in the gym. Matt focuses on perfecting compound movements, including squats, bench presses, deadlifts and Olympic lifts. His speciality is simplifying complex movements for clients, enabling them to better understand and execute them confidently during their sessions and programming for specific individual goals.

Is strength training for me?

YES! Strength training is for anyone. If you are ready to feel empowered by learning fundamental movement patterns and minimising the risk of injury in the gym, this is the perfect training approach for you! Matt believes fitness training should not be overly complicated from a client’s perspective – simplification is the key to improvement. By guiding newcomers to the gym from the start and helping seasoned gym-goers surpass their previous limitations, Matt loves seeing his clients discover their potential. The best part about strength training is that no matter your experience, there is always room for improvement.

Busting Myths – Strength Training

Incorrect technique, inadequate knowledge, and not doing the basics correctly causes injury, not strength training. Seeking guidance from a fitness coach is the best way to ensure you can train injury-free in our Sydney-based gyms and continue progressing, even if that means dropping a little weight from your regular back squat. Matt isn’t here to judge how much you can lift but to teach you how to lift properly.

The Future of Strength Training and the Fitness Industry

Matt’s vision for the future is to shift towards higher coaching standards. To ensure we have Sydney’s best coaches, our personal trainers receive 200+ hours of training and development each year. Having been with us since 2017, Matt is now a mentor helping to educate and guide our newly qualified personal trainers at our gyms.

A little motivation

For those keen to try Matt’s approach but haven’t experienced it yet, he offers simple advice: “Start slow, be patient with the process, and work with a coach to create a tailored plan that suits your individual needs.” Emphasising the importance of patience and guidance, Matt encourages newbies to embark on their fitness journey and trust the process.

What now? I’m ready to train!

We love to see our coaches inspiring people to get moving. Whether you’re a beginner seeking to build a strong foundation or an experienced gym-goer eager to smash some PBs, Matt’s coaching and strength training offer the support and knowledge needed to achieve your goals. To find out more about our 100+ fitness trainers, click here!

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