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Run away and join the circus with this unique class. Utilising an innovative suspended trapeze, you can develop strength, improve your coordination and learn some impressive skills. Fun and challenging, CircusFit™ will creatively challenge you.


This class works on improving your motions across multiple planes of movement. Request areas to work on and release those nagging pulls to free up your body, achieving a greater range of movement to dominate your workouts and more functional movements day to day.


Discover the benefits of strength training, using only body weight exercises to achieve a full body workout. Push, pull, climb and balance as you progress through a range of skills targeting the major muscle groups. No experience needed.



Dani’s experiences have all culminated in her unique style of coaching, blending mobility, strength training and skill development, such as calisthenics. She loves dancing to samba in the kitchen with her dog Tango, while cooking a big meal to enjoy with family.


Chris is an explorer of movement, with 10+ years in the game experimenting with all types of movement from powerlifting to gymnastics. He loves introducing people to different ideas and ways of moving their body. Most things you never thought were possible.


Ariel’s passion for movement developed throughout her 25 years of training as a professional dancer. Beginning her career as a Health and Wellness Coach for Equinox, she brings the fire of New York City to Sydney.

3 reasons why a Play class could be good for you

Try Something Different

Explore classes that you never thought existed. Swing upside down, learn a trapeze routine, dress in your best urban getup, and release your inner chameleon. There are no rules in these kinds of classes.

Lift Your Mood

Exhilarate, stimulate, calm and dissipate any stresses that may come with daily life. Meet instructors from varying performance backgrounds and a community of members that walk in with nothing but an open mind.

Experience Variety

One Playground is known for its variety & signature classes. From CircusFit™, Urban Dance, Calisthenics, Carinvale, Mobility, Dancebody and more. We invite you to play with us.


What are Play Classes?

Apart from the staple class offerings like Strength, HIIT/Cardio, Fight/Boxing, Barre, Yoga & more, we believe in doing things a little differently. Imagine being in a playground, where you can be something one day, and something else the next. Play classes are for anyone, but especially those who love experimenting, meeting new people, trying the latest trend, or wanting to exercise in unconventional but interesting ways.

What should I expect in these classes?

When you arrive at your Play class, our instructors will be waiting to greet you. Their introduction will be focused on explaining the kind of class you’re in, the class format, what equipment you’ll be using (if any), and will ask if you are working with any injuries or restrictions. Class formats can be tailored to wherever you’re at in your fitness journey, no one is too new or too advanced. You’ll meet an array of instructors, all bringing a unique style to their Play classes. We do ask that you please arrive five minutes early to your class so your instructor can start on time.

What do I bring to my Play class?

We provide things like blocks, hand weights, mats, trapeze bars, silks (and more) in our studios. All that we ask is that you please bring a towel, water bottle (preferably not plastic as we’re not big on that) and a mat if you’d like to use your own. We’ll also provide the pretty studios and awesome line-up of instructors! We heavily enforce the towel policy (no towel, no play, no gym today).

What other facilities are available?

Along with our serene MindBody studios and epic Battleground studios, you’ll have full access to our gym facilities. These include our boutique bathrooms that are fitted out with showers, lockers, hair dryers, hair straighteners & botanical soaps.

Can I bring someone?

Of course! When we reach out to book you in, don’t be afraid to tell us who you’d like to bring along to your first Play class.

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We have classes in categories to suit every goal – whether you want to get stronger, lose weight, increase your cardio fitness or learn new skills.

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