The ‘Wellness Playground’ revolutionising the fitness industry

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Introducing the Wellness Playground

To position fitness services at the frontline of preventative healthcare, award-winning Australian gym company Fitness Playground has reinvented one of their Sydney facilities to create a new breed of gym. Their very first “Wellness Playground” will be situated in the inner west suburb of Marrickville.

The Wellness Playground is a state-of-the-art oasis of new studios, hangout spaces, equipment and classes paired with bespoke experiences, which are all uniquely designed to enrich members’ mental wellness as well as physical health.

Fitness Playground co-founder and CEO Justin Ashley says the concept for the Wellness Playground came about during the first lockdown, when both physical and mental health came to the forefront:

We repositioned our thinking, that gyms should really be at the front of preventative healthcare – we believe that’s where the industry has the potential to go. We know the connection between physical health and mental health, but there are a lack of gym facilities that cater for mental wellness as well as physical fitness

Catering to both physical and mental needs, the facility has been designed across two distinct levels, so you can design your gym experience around how you feel. There’s the high-intensity gym space upstairs. It offers high-energy classes, equipment and spaces, including the Battleground group-training studio, an immersive spin studio, cardio area and free weights. While the downstairs wellness space offers balancing, calming and rejuvenating experiences…

Think intimate reformer pilates classes, a tranquil yoga shala, a dynamic barre & dance studio, plus infrared saunas, luxe lounge spaces and a creche wonderland. The creation of the new facility with holistic offerings links back to Fitness Playground’s mission to “inspire change”. They’ve created a motivating and welcoming space far beyond what you would expect from your typical gym, a space that more closely resembles a luxurious hotel or day spa – beaming with natural light, rounded edges, arched doorways, terrazzo finishes and impactful glass and mirrors.

Ashley says of the space…

The beautiful look of the gym and unique services will make people want to come, that’s a given. But it will be the quality of the classes, the coaches, and the incredible community we create that will keep them coming back.

Ultimately, it’s about the members. If we can create spaces with a whole menu of different things to try, which inspire people to not turn off their alarm and go back to bed, there’s a higher chance that people will find something they love at the gym and get results.

All new facilities and classes will be available to existing Fitness Playground Play Members for no extra charge. New members can get access for just $28.95 per week.

The Wellness Playground opens to the public for the GrandOpening on Saturday 23 October 2021.

To see more of this space, click here.

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