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On World Health Day, 7th April, Fitness Playground’s Wellness Playground will be delivering “A Day of Wellness” – a range of free online health and wellbeing sessions available to the public throughout the day.

These bite-sized 20-minute sessions will cover a range of wellness topics, from mental wellbeing, to nutrition, energy, relaxation techniques and bite-sized pilates and yoga sessions to break up your day. 

‍Tune in to the sessions you like the look of via Fitness Playground’s Instagram Live or Facebook Live.

SCHEDULE – Thursday 7th April 2022

1. BODY YOGA: Get More Out of Your Yoga Practice By Understanding these 3 Things 

TIME: 7:00–7:20am

PRESENTER: Sol Ulbrich, expert yogi and Fitness Playground’s Head of Wellness 

Sol will give a short talk and take you through some yoga activities to help you understand the three ingredients of a successful yoga posture and practice. Suitable for beginners to intermediate yoga students who want to take their practice to the next level. 

2. MIND YOGA: Understanding Your Mind’s Functions To Make Healthier Decisions

TIME: 7:25–7:45am

PRESENTER: Sol Ulbrich, expert yogi and Fitness Playground’s Head of Wellness 

Sol will give a mini masterclass on the 4 different functions of the mind: your “lower mind”, “higher mind”, “memory bank” and “I-maker”. Having insight into which version of your mind is influencing your thoughts and behaviours can help you develop a deeper self-understanding.

3. EAT FOR ENERGY: Your Energy-Boosting Menu 

TIME: 11:00–11:20am  

PRESENTER: Nutrition Scientist & Lecturer Kristen Beck

Struggling to get through the day without an energy dip? Do the foods you tend to eat make you feel more lethargic than nourished? Renowned Australian nutritionist Kristen Beck will dish you up a smorgasbord of the best energy-boosting foods (and flag what to avoid) to help you get through every day with more vitality. 

4. FOODS FOR SATIETY: The Best Foods to Eat to Help You Feel Satisfied 

TIME: 12:30–12:50pm

PRESENTER: Coach Dave Marsh

Trying to eat smart but finding it hard to feel full after your healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner? Coach Dave Marsh will serve you up the healthiest, most-filling foods – all backed by science – to help you feel satisfied.

5. BREATHE FOR CALM: Breathwork to Turn Your Day Around

TIME: 1:00–1:20pm

PRESENTER: Sol Ulbrich, expert yogi and Fitness Playground’s Head of Wellness 

Breathing in certain ways has surprisingly powerful effects on our nervous system and stress responses. Let our yoga guru guide you through some breathwork, a mini meditation, that you can use yourself any time you need to bring a sense of calm to your day. 

6. BITE-SIZED PILATES: A Mini Workout to Help You Through the 3pm Slump 

TIME: 3:00–3:20pm


Don’t have long to squeeze in a workout today? Even a 20-minute session can bring you body benefits and get your blood flowing for better focus for the afternoon. Suitable for beginners to advanced through modifications, this mini pilates session that you can do from anywhere will show you that quick doesn’t equal ineffective. 

7. END-OF-DAY PILATES: Log Off – It’s Pilates Time

TIME: 5:30–5:50pm 


Have trouble switching off at the end of the work day? Let us help you. Our expert instructor will guide you through a handful of pilates exercises you can do anywhere without any equipment. To help you use those muscles and switch you into me-time mode for the evening. Suitable for beginner to advanced pilates students, through the use of modifications. 

8. SLEEP BETTER TONIGHT: The 6 Most Common Sleep Disruptors & How to Beat Them

TIME: 6:00–6:20pm

PRESENTER: Head of Coaching Matt Duncan

Find it hard to get or stay asleep? Or just wake up not feeling properly rested? Matt Duncan will fill you in on the 6 most common – yet surprising – sleep spoilers, and give you practical tips on how to overcome them, for a sound sleep tonight.

To find out more about Fitness Playground’s incredible new holistic health centre, the Wellness Playground, click here.

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