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Let’s clear something up. This is not a ballet class.
Barre Signature is a rhythmic fusion of creative Pilates and dance-inspired sequences that work to tone, define, isolate and build on your core strength. Performed on the Barre and mat, expect deep muscle toning, low-impact cardio and lightweight movements with a focus on building strength around your arms, core, thighs and glutes. The dance elements throughout will work to improve posture, alignment, balance and coordination.


Barre with bonus cardio. Activate your muscles with a powerful series that combines the precision of Barre with high-intensity cardio bursts. Cardio intervals are repeated between the more traditional Barre workouts for each targeted muscle group. You’ll use lighter weights, sliders and creative body-weight exercises and take very little rest between sets.


This is Barre plus extra strength work. Barre Strong is an empowering program designed to push you to maximum effort for fast results. Moving to the beat of the music, you’ll build power in every part of your body. It’s a longer (60-minute) session that entails small rhythmic movements, high repetitions, heavier weights and individual booty-toning sequences.



Aly stepped into the world of dance at the tender age of 2. Originally from Ireland, her burning desire to learn and excel in dance allowed her to study at the prestigious Legat School of Dance. She spent the next 8 years travelling, performing, teaching, and choreographing throughout Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. Aly’s love for both dance and teaching shines through in her unique integration of these passions with barre.


Michael is a yoga and barre instructor. He was a dancer in Baz Lurrhman’s The Great Gatsby, Mamma Mia! The Musical, The Wizard of Oz, and he’s toured Dubai, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia with the Children’s Theatre.


Sophie brings a fresh and exciting approach to her class design, with a keen focus on pre-and postnatal movements, something she aptly understands as a new Mum! You will leave her classes feeling refreshed, strong and centred, but don’t be surprised if that’s served up with a side of the wobbles!

3 reasons you’ll love our Barre classes


The series of slower, isometric movements fused with cardio intervals create a type of “muscle confusion” (typical in Barre) that results in improved total-body strength.


You’ll notice benefits like improved muscle definition, balance, posture and flexibility, all from working on your form and technique while you move to the beat of the music.


Get swept away by the music while getting a serious strength workout in our beautiful Barre studios, spaces in which you can escape from life’s busyness while working on your fitness.


What is Barre?

Barre is a fusion of ballet-style dance, pilates and strength training. People who regularly take our Barre classes report improved muscle definition, flexibility, balance and posture. One Playground’s Barre classes are athletic in that we work around sets of two to three cardio intervals mixed with slow isometric movements. This creates a type of “muscle confusion” that builds lean core muscles, arms, thighs and glutes, all while slowing your racing brain so you can achieve a deeper mind and body connection.

What should I expect in a Barre class?

Your instructor’s intro will be focused on explaining the class format, what equipment you’ll be using, and they’ll ask if you have any injuries or restrictions that require modifications. Class formats can be tailored to wherever you’re at in your fitness journey – no one is too new or too advanced. Our array of instructors each bring a unique style to their Barre classes. We ask that you arrive about five minutes before your class starts so the instructor can get the class started on time.

What do I bring to my Barre class?

We provide hand weights, bands, blocks, mats and more. All you need to bring is a towel and a water bottle (preferably not disposable as we’re not big on that). The towel policy is a big one for us (no towel, no play). You can BYO mat if you want to use your own. We’ll also provide the pretty studios and awesome line-up of instructors!

What other facilities are available?

Along with our serene Barre studios, you’ll have full access to our gym facilities. These include our boutique bathrooms that are fitted out with showers, lockers, hair dryers, hair straighteners and botanical soaps.

Can I bring someone?

Of course! When we reach out to book you in, feel free to let us know who you’d like to bring along to your Barre class.

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