Steven Kapellos

“A gem cannot be perfected without friction, nor a man without trials”
– Seneca

about steven

Steven Kapellos is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist at One Playground, dedicated to promoting health and well-being through exercise. Steven is an avid exercise and sports-goer who spends most of his spare time playing soccer, basketball or strength training. He is passionate about helping people improve their well-being and push their limits through exercise and coaching. A smiling character that can trick you into thinking you’ll be getting nothing but a light session, don’t be fooled, and great ready to work hard.

  • Acute & chronic injury management
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Cardiac health
  • Metabolic health & diabetes management
  • Athletic skill performance
  • Strength Training

training philosophy

There is no one size fits all approach. Everyone’s body, mind and goals are different. Making a personalised plan that someone can adhere to and enjoy is the best way to assist my clients in achieving their goals and improving their overall well-being.

education, experience & achievements

  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science
  • MSc in Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Certificate in III and IV Fitness
  • Diploma in Sports Development
  • 20 + years of soccer experience
  • 10 + years of strength and conditioning training

3 fun facts

  1. My favourite way to spend my spare time is with my family and friends
  2. I am cheeky and love a laugh
  3. I love to play sports




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