Micaela Andino

“Happiness is the higher form of health.”
– Dalai Lama

Micaela studied to be a teacher before becoming a Personal Trainer, so she’s a pro at schooling her clients in every single aspect of fitness.

about micaela

Mica is Fitness Playground Newtown’s Head of Education and Senior Coach. She’s always had an interest in helping people of all ages and abilities, so after secondary school, she studied to become a Physical Education teacher. That education has helped her become a great coach.

She loves coaching people of different ages and backgrounds to move better and live healthier and happier lives. Mica is a true nerd, always studying something new to provide a better service and to be able to coach people from different perspectives.

  • Strength
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Lower Back Pain Management
  • Pre- and Post-Natal Training

training philosophy

I believe that exercise and movement are a path to live a healthier and happier life. I am convinced that one has to look for some sort of physical activity that lights their soul and that no matter who you are, you can find something that you enjoy. I used to think that fitness was about rules and structure, and to a certain point it is, but is much more important to find that little something that keeps you moving and makes you come back the next day.

education, experience & achievements

  • Physical Education Teacher
  • High Performance Postgraduate Course
  • Strength and Conditioning Course
  • Certified in McGill Method (Specialised in Lower Back Pain)
  • Certified Women’s Coaching Specialist
  • Soon to be Pre- and Post-Natal Specialised Coach

3 fun facts

  1. I have practised several sports since I was a kid. I used to be very uncoordinated, but basketball and dodgeball at age 8 really helped me gain confidence and improved my physical skills.
  2. I always said my dream was to become a high-performance athlete or a circus acrobat. Although I didn’t get there, today I practice aerial silks and Lyra at least three times a week, which makes me extremely happy.
  3. I used to be an absolute foodie. I used to eat literally anything. But now I have been vegan for three years – I’m still a foodie, but a plant-based one!


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