Luciano Terilli

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the same bulls##t story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it!”
– Jordan Belfort

about luciano

Luciano Terilli, senior coach/weights-room veteran at Fitness Playground Marrickville. He’s your go-to guy for getting “jacked and stacked” or “lean and mean”.

Ever since age 14, Luciano’s life has revolved around all things training and nutrition. He’s obsessed with balancing an enjoyable lifestyle with training hard, educating himself and trialling different approaches to training and nutrition. Over the years, this approach has helped him get himself – and many others – to achieve their peak physique.

It’s been said that being under the guidance of a passionate yet borderline psychopathic coach will make you realise that if what you’re doing doesn’t kill you, it will most definitely make you stronger… That said, Luciano emphasises implementing a flexible and rewarding lifestyle with himself and his clients because, as he puts it, “What’s the point of having a Ferrari if it always sits in the garage, right?”

  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Education on Programming, Nutrition & Lifestyle

training philosophy

My philosophy on coaching can be summed up in 3 words – Education. Strategy. Results.

Education: I help others reach their peak physique through educating them on the process and purpose of training, nutrition and habit forming.

Strategy: I strategise by setting long term goals from day one, putting in place daily and weekly objectives with a smart exit plan once it’s all over so they not only achieve their goals but keep them for the long term.

Results: By putting the priority on education and strategy in my coaching, I have been able to get my clients to achieve life changing results.

education, experience & achievements

  • Training Since 14 Years Old
  • Initially Taught Training and Nutrition Methods by Father 2 x Mr. Universe (Bodybuilding) John Terilli and Mother Ms. Eastern USA (Bodybuilding) Angela Argentieri
  • Certificates III and IV in Fitness
  • Boutagy Fitness Institute – General Populations
    Preparedness Coaching Certified
  • Boutagy Fitness Institute – Level 2 Fat Loss Coaching Certified
  • Boutagy Fitness Institute – Level 3 Fat Loss Coaching Certified
  • Boutagy Fitness Institute – Level 2 Strength and Hypertrophy Coaching Certified
  • Boutagy Fitness Institute – Level 3 Strength and Hypertrophy Coaching Certified
  • Clean Health Fitness Institute – Level 1
    Performance Nutrition Coach Certified
  • Kilo Strength Society – Program Design Course Certified
  • Kilo Strength Society – Programming Periodisation Course Certified
  • Jon Goodman – Online Trainer Academy Certified
  • And Many More Courses/Seminars which I won’t Bore You With!

3 fun facts

  1. I have been consistently eating ice cream almost every night for about 3 years now, this is not a fun fact but more so a problem that I need to fix. But, I manipulate it so it fits within my caloric intake each day so I can still reach my physique goals while having the food I enjoy.
  2. Coaching has been my only job/career. Although, when I was waiting to get certified and get a job in a gym, I did some topless waitering (when I was 18 years old) because I thought it was the best way to have a laugh, make a quick buck and a good incentive to stay in shape. After that I (supposedly) started taking my life seriously.
  3. I was in a Twisties commercial when I was in year 3 for Hawaiian pizza flavoured Twisties, which were only on shelves for about a month or so (I wonder why).


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