Jose Da Rocha

“Sorry Jose, I can’t train tonight because it’s Taco Tuesday at el Loco.”
– Michael Luca

about jose

Jose is a real life daddy and one of our original coaches who joined the founding crew at Surry Hills in 2014. He started his fitness career in 2007, so he’s one of our most experienced trainers, who always offers a high level of service and energy.

As a young man, Jose excelled in football and athletics, representing the state for both. His favourite kind of training is an old-school bodybuilding session in an awesome environment with banging tunes, heavy weights and lots of smiles.

  • Evidence-Based Strength and Conditioning
  • Speed Agility and Quickness
  • Sports-specific Strength and Conditioning
  • Fat Loss and Body Composition

training philosophy

I believe that training is much more than the results you see in the mirror. Of course we all want to look amazing but I will help you understand what your body is actually capable of, how amazing physical exercise is for you mental health, your personal life and your career. Training changed my life and it will change yours. I don’t follow trends or fads. You will be lifting weights, you will be uncomfortable and you will love it.

education, experience & achievements

  • BA Sports Science
  • Certificates III & IV in Fitness
  • Certified Football Grass Roots Coach
  • Certified Swimming Coach
  • Certified Rugby Grass Roots Coach
  • Coached and Developed PDHPE High School Curriculum for Two Elite Sydney Schools
  • Competed in Athletics and Football For Over 20 Years

3 fun facts

  1. I once worked as a clown (bobo) at a childhood centre. I learnt to juggle with my hands and my feet. Now I just juggle my responsibilities.
  2. I could watch an Antiques Roadshow marathon over a night out any day. But I would love a night out.
  3. I used to write poetry. I actually had one published in a magazine as a kid and I still know it.




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