Barry O’Sullivan

“Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.”
– Jordan Peterson

Barry is a highly experienced coach who specialises in helping clients achieve muscle growth and fat loss, through both training and nutrition.

about barry

Barry O’ Sullivan is a hypertrophy and fat loss Personal Trainer at Fitness Playground Newtown. With more than six years of experience coaching hundreds of clients, it’s safe to say Barry has worked with a hugely diverse range of people. With his specific expertise in muscular hypertrophy training and a large emphasis on nutrition, he can support anyone ot achieve their muscle growth or fat loss goals. While his workouts are tough, he’s a social trainer who thrives off interacting with his clients while getting the work done.

  • Muscular Hypertrophy
  • Fat Loss
  • Dietary Adherence

training philosophy

My aim, from when I started my career, to this day, is to help as many people as I can. I pride myself on always delivering high standards of coaching, to allow my clients to not only get the results they hoped for, but to gain an understanding of training and nutrition, and to become tuned into their own bodies and what works well for them. I have a deep passion and love for coaching people through the correct and relevant information that will help them become healthier, happier – and, as a result more, confident – individuals.

education, experience & achievements

  • 2011-2012: Exercise, Fitness and Nutrition, Level 5
  • 2012-2013: Higher Certificate in Sports Development, Level 6
  • 2012: NCEF Level 1 Higher Certificate in Exercise Health and Fitness
  • 2013-2016: Bachelor of Business in Sports Management
  • 2018: Integrated Movement for Personal Trainers With Ronnie Warde
  • 2022: Online Fitness Growth Summit With Phil Graham

3 fun facts

  1. I booked a one-way ticket to Australia almost three years ago on my own, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.
  2. Outside my passion for all things health and fitness, my love for Rugby is also very strong, as I played the game from age 6 onwards.
  3. I’m arguably more fond of drinking pints of Guinness than a Personal Trainer should be.


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