Andrea Vidotto

“What is happiness? The feeling that power increases, that resistance is overcome.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Andrea’s life-long love for all things sport and fitness transformed into a passion for delivering innovative and engaging workouts that get his clients results.

about andrea

Andrea Vidotto is a Coach at Fitness Playground Newtown. He’s always loved his sport – throughout his childhood and teenage years he took part in football, volleyball and even figure skating. In later years, he moved into boxing and kickboxing, and then into strength-based disciplines such as calisthenics, bodybuilding and powerlifting.

His ever-growing passion and curiosity for all sports and fitness translates into innovative and engaging workouts, where fun, enjoyment but also form and technique are never neglected.

  • Strength Training, Bodybuilding, Calisthenics
  • Weight Loss & Body Transformations
  • Mobility

training philosophy

My philosophy is that each and every one of us should be able to train, move, have access to some sort of physical activity. Nothing compares to the joy of being able to experience what our body is capable. For me, training has been enormously beneficial in terms of mental health and development; it’s my desire to show others how this could be the same for them too! Fun, effort and intensity, technique and form are a must in any workout.

education, experience & achievements

  • Certificates III & IV in Fitness
  • Former Boxing Gym Coach
  • Second-Division Volleyball Team Coach

3 fun facts

  1. The very first sport I ever took part in was figure skating, from age 5.
  2. I came out from 20-plus years of competitive sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, boxing and kickboxing without any fractures or major injuries. Luck is my second name.
  3. I competed at local, regional and national levels in volleyball, football and boxing.




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