Amie Hession

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”
– Henry Ford

Exercise has been an integral part of Amie’s life for over 20 years, keeping her sane and providing space for personal growth. She can guarantee to help you fall in love with exercise too.

about amie

Amidst has stack of retro “Golds-Gym” weight plates, a 90’s rock playlist and her Strongman father, Amie’s appetite to be and feel strong was born. She will challenge you, guide you and coach you into unlocking your potential with a style that suits your personality and needs. She’ll help you fall in love with the process, always backing you to safely hit that next milestone.

Exercise with the right support has been a catalyst for happiness in her life. She strongly believes that if you approach it with an open mind, a positive attitude, and a caring coach, it can bring you great happiness too. With a lifetime love of sport (netball, rounders, hockey, football and, most recently, powerlifting), as well as strength training and group fitness, Amie is a huge advocate of functional exercise. She puts an emphasis on having fun, conquering a challenge, and encouraging mental wellness.

  • Building Muscle & Strength
  • Functional Training To Assist in Sports
  • Plant-Based, Vegetarian & Pescetarian Diets
  • Toning and Fat Loss

training philosophy

Creating a sustainable and lasting change in a person’s health and fitness journey has been the most challenging and satisfying experience, and I look forward to the opportunity to share that with others to come. The most rewarding feeling as a Coach is to meet and work with incredible humans, empowering them with the right information, coaching them on how to move well, and seeing their confidence grow.

education, experience & achievements

  • Certificates III & IV in Fitness (Won the Champion Award in My Class)
  • Technical Lifting With the Science of Strength
  • Boxing Skills & Fitness (Level 1 and Level 2 (HIIT, Boxing & Kickboxing)
  • GGS – Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Certification, V2
  • Played Competitive Hockey, Football (Soccer) and Rounders
  • Early Post Natal Programming
  • FTI – Suspended Fitness Level 1
  • FTI – Fundamentals of Kettlebell Level 1
  • BA Hons Media & Communication

3 fun facts

  1. I have a passion-project as a DJ, performing as part of a duo with the stage name, NiPSLiP. You might have seen me at The Imperial, the Marly Bar, POOF DOOF at The Ivy, and many other Inner West venues. Two performances have even made it to TV!
  2. To financially support myself while at uni, I worked as a baker, wrote a chapter in a book, was a nightclub manager, tried stilt walking/fire breathing, and even went on TV to have a tattoo covered.
  3. I was part of a music scholarship in high school, playing the saxophone, clarinet and drums.


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