Join Us For The Ultimate Fitness Test | Saturday 11th May, 8am

About the event


We are so excited to announce our very first HYROX PFT (Physical Fitness Test), taking place at One Playground Newtown on Saturday, 11th May at 8AM.

If you haven’t heard of HYROX, it’s more than just a workout. It is a high-intensity fitness racing party, alongside your favourite gym partner. Picture the adrenaline pumping, music pulsing, and yourself and your fellow members gearing up to dominate the global HYROX leaderboard!

The HYROX PFT has been specifically designed to give you the perfect introduction into HYROX and measure where your HYROX fitness level is at. This will give you a good indication of which division you should sign up for at the main HYROX event in July if you wish to enter.

  • 15 – 25 minutes – HYROX PRO
  • 25 – 35 minutes – HYROX Single
  • 30 – 45 minutes – HYROX Doubles
So, what is in store at the HYROX PFT? Get ready to push yourself to your limits as you race against the clock to complete a 1000m run, 50 burpee broad jumps, 100 alternating lunges, a 1000m row, 30 hand release push ups and 100 wall balls.

To earn your official HYROX scorecard and finisher patch, you’ll pair up with a partner who will count your reps and keep you motivated as you go through the workout. You can request to pair up with someone in the form below or if you don’t have a partner in mind already, we’ll match you up with another member!

Saturday 11th May
One Playground Newtown

HYROX PFT Challenge

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