The Background

Fitness Playground started as a small Bootcamp in 2011. We opened our first gym in Surry Hills in 2014 and haven’t looked back. The intention was to turn the gym into a Playground. We wanted to take what was outside and bring it inside. People loved the vibe, and an incredible community was created.

As the business matured, so did the concept of ‘Playground’. In 2015, we opened our Marrickville and Newtown locations and expanded our group fitness, offering a range of unique and traditional classes, including CircusFit, Barre and Athletica, alongside hundreds of other classes.

This led to the Playground becoming the “one stop shop”, for all things fitness.

The biggest leap happened in 2020, for the first time ever our members told us that they joined us to feel better, more than to look better.

38% feel better

37% look better

25% perform better

With the opportunity to expand our Marrickville gym, we created a space that embodied what our members wanted, a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Wellness now offers 450+ classes per week ranging from Yoga Flow, Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates and Barre through to Burlesque and CircusFit™.

The growth of Wellness, alongside the expansion of our traditional fitness offerings and our newly designed spaces inspired the evolution from Fitness Playground to the endless experiences of One Playground.

The Problem

There are three key reasons why we are becoming One Playground:

#1. Our Future is more than just fitness.
Over the last 9 years, we have moved beyond just offering fitness, and think the industry must beyond its focus on aesthetics. We see our future as health and wellness, where fitness is one (important) part.

#2. One Membership.
People come to us with numerous “boutique” memberships. They do pilates in one place, yoga in another, then do a HIIT class on the weekend, all while paying for a gym membership somewhere else.

#3. A Gym Experience you enjoy.
For most, going to the gym is a task to complete rather, than an experience to enjoy. We want to change that.

How One Playground solves this problem

We have designed a concept we call the “Superboutique”— a colossal space filled with multiple high-quality boutique studios alongside of course, an incredible gym. All under one roof, for one affordable membership.

There is no longer a need for multiple memberships.

Our future aims to move beyond fitness, and beyond aesthetics, to become all things health and wellness. So we can help our members, no matter what stage of their journey they are in.

And becoming One Playground represents our aim to turn going to the gym into an experience that we enjoy, rather than a task to complete.

What does this mean
for the future?

Members will benefit from bigger spaces, with more equipment, studios and classes. While at the same time, we will be going all in on experiential design.

The Classes

Each space we build will aim to be bigger, with 4-6 specialised studios, each offering hundreds of classes rivalling the best-specialised boutiques in the world.

Experiential Design

No two playgrounds will ever be the same, and as our brand grows so does our creativity for new spaces.

The Gym

We aim to ensure our gym spaces stay at the forefront of technology. Our equipment selection will become increasingly varied and at a premium standard.

Further Services

Our vision also includes an expansion of our coaching modalities into holistic health areas, including nutrition, allied health services and recovery.