Ashleigh Walden

“Only 10% of our long-term happiness is predicted by our external world & circumstances. The remaining 90% comes from how we train our brains to process our world.”

Ashleigh is a plant-powered champion, and living proof that vegans can be ultra fit, strong and healthy.

about ashleigh

Ashleigh is FP Marrickville’s plant-powered, mindset queen. Her passion for fitness grew when she started training with a friend who was being coached by the Sports Model Project. Ashleigh loved the discipline required to follow a training program and how her body and mind transformed. Her focuses vary between strength and conditioning, calisthenics, gymnastics and mobility, which is why one day you might find her deadlifting or squatting and the next day, upside-down practicing her handstand.

Ashleigh believes everyone can benefit from the services of a coach, including coaches! Ashleigh has been coached by fellow FP Personal Trainers Stacy Voulgaris, Dani Mendoza, Matt Walsh and Bunker trainer Joey Bowling. Being a learner at heart, she loves experiencing how other coaches look after and train their clients, so she can further the results of herself and her clients in the gym.

Ashleigh is passionate about building confidence for all within the gym environment through mindset training. She’s a vegan, and is living proof that you can be fit, strong and healthy without eating animal products.

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Mindset
  • Plant-Based Nutrition
  • Women’s Confidence, Health & Wellbeing

training philosophy

My philosophy is that health begins with the mind. The majority agree and are willing to commit to a training program for our bodies to lift more weight, become more flexible, and generally move better. But what are we doing to train our brains? The same way we build up to say a 100kg squat, what preparation do we undergo to prepare our brains for the uni exam period, the passing of a loved one, a work presentation, an accident, or just simply when things don’t go our way?

I’m a huge fan of ‘The Miracle Morning’ routine by Hal Elrod (by huge, I mean I am known for getting up before 4am most days to fit this personal development habits routine into my day!). It’s through tools like these that we can train our brains for more happiness and resilience. After all, as Positive Psychologist Shawn Achor says, “Our brains are 31% more productive at positive than negative, neutral, or stressed.”

education, experience & achievements

  • BA Management in Sport and Exercise
  • Certificates III & IV in Fitness
  • Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition

3 fun facts

  1. I was a meat-eater for almost 30 years until I watched the documentary Food Choices. It turned me vegan overnight in 2017.
  2. I was a ballet dancer until I was 16. I quit to play soccer, which Dad was pleased about. (Mum, not so much, haha.)
  3. I first qualified as Personal Trainer in 2013 but left fitness for the corporate world in 2015 while living in London. I worked in a law firm and financial services company, but found fitness again in 2019, and FP has been my home since July 2020.


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